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The only way for you to be able to lose weight and Fave Food Diet actually keep it off is by changing your eating habits so that you are eating foods that are far more healthy because what you have been eating have only gotten you in the body that you despise right now. Make sure that you are eating a healthy eating plan that is also going to be flexible so that you can adjust to your own schedule because no one wants to feel upset because they couldn't eat one of the meals that their diet plan needed them to eat because they didn't have the time to make the meal.

Even though you have probably seen a lot of weight loss programs out there that also have diet plans in them that guarantee you are going to start losing 2 to 3 pounds every week that you are using them, they aren't always true. You need to bear in mind that when you are losing weight fast in the beginning of any diet or weight loss program, the weight that you are actually losing is mostly water weight, and if you aren't careful you could also be losing muscle mass as well.

Losing muscle mass is without a doubt a very dangerous thing for someone to do to lose weight, and it will definitely not give them the results that they were seeking. Instead of going for these diets, you are going to have to eat meals that are low in calories, and you need to be sticking to a diet that will have you eating well balanced meals.