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The third step in success is act. When you have a Overnight Millionaire System dream and belief, you must then take action to make your dreams come true. Turn your dream into a plan as I discussed in my article on Success Secrets - Accomplish Your New Year's Resolutions. Once you have a plan, take consistent and persistent action and avoid procrastination. Do you want to build a successful business? Then get started and take the necessary daily steps to succeed! "You must occasionally get out of your comfort zone if you truly want to enter the success zone and live the life of your dreams."

Make yourself do what you know you should be doing even if you don't feel like doing it at the time! The fourth step to success is NEVER QUIT. As Napoleon Hill stated in his best seller, Think and Grow Rich, "What the mind can conceive and believe it can achieve." Napoleon Hill gives an example of a miner that quit just 3 feet short of the largest gold strike in history. This miner quit and sold the mine to someone else and that someone struck gold immediately.

Most success stories come after many attempts and failures. If you use failure as a way to grow, it is just one more step towards success! As Colonel Sanders "failed" at finding someone to try his chicken recipe after asking over 1,000 people, it just took that one person to give it a try and create what is now Kentucky Fried Chicken. Thank God Colonel Sanders didn't take his first 1,000 rejections as failures! He simply took each rejection as being one person closer to finding someone that would try his recipe.